Translating living letters

In 2 Cor. 3:1-2 Paul talks about not needing letters of recommendation because the Corinthian believers are letters that bear witness to the Spirit of God working in people’s hearts through his ministry.

Over at the LivingLetters blog I have posted several times in the last week about the process of Bible translation in our multi-language project in Papua New Guinea. My wife also has a number of posts that relate to our life in PNG and our desire to translate the good message of hope and trust in God in our everyday lives.

We pray that our lives would be living letters of recommendation for the people who have trained us up in the faith. Also, that our written translations would not just be letters on the page but words of life for those whom we serve. May these friends be living letters that testify to the work of the Spirit in our ministry.

One Response to “Translating living letters”

  1. June Brown, West Yorkshire, UK. Says:

    I Googled ‘memorial offerings’ this morning, as I guessed it was a ritual Jewish offering, but why ‘memorial’…. and then I wondered why Cornelius, a Roman soldier would be following these practices, or was it that he had become a believer and these traditional practices were still part of how they thought and worshipped? Thankfully your blog entry on this gave me something to think about on the ‘memorial’ thing…but I still thought it strange that it was his practice. Thank you for sharing your insight and gift of scholarship. I am following an online Bible study, so never know day to day what is coming next. It has caused me to delve deep into maps, meanings, customs and history and revealed even more of God’s amazing jigsaw left for us to piece together for the whole picture. I am not a scholar…but I just LOVE it and what He reveals through His word. Thank you for your help and may He continue to bless you, your family and your mission.

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