Deppe’s “The Sayings of Jesus in the Paraenesis of James”

An updated PDF version of Dean Deppe‘s doctoral dissertation, “The Sayings of Jesus in the Epistle of James,” is now available online over at Jim Darlack’s blog, Old in the New. Deppe’s work includes an appendix listing the parallels that scholars have seen between James and the sayings of Jesus since 1833. The number ranges between 4 and 65. Deppe himself identifies 8 conscious allusions as well as themes from Jesus that form the “raw material” for James’s ethical teaching.

The conscious allusions in Deppe include…

ask and you will receive (James 1:5 = Matthew 7:7, Luke 11:9)

the kingdom belongs to the poor (James 2:5 = Luke 6:20b, Matthew 5:3)

ask and you will receive (James 4:2c-3 = Matthew 7:7, Luke 11:9)

those who laugh will mourn (James 4:9 = Luke 6:21, 25b)

the humble are exalted (James 4:10 = Matthew 23:12, Luke 14:11, Luke 18:14b)

woe to the rich (James 5:1 = Luke 6:24)

do not store up wealth (James 5:2-3a = Matthew 6:19-20, Luke 12:33b)

on oaths and truth-telling (James 5:12 = Matthew 5:33-37)

Notice here that there are two articles related to this topic of parallels in James to Jesus sayings by Patrick Hartin and John Kloppenborg in the recently published The Catholic Epistles & Apostolic Tradition. Also, see here three papers on this topic (Paul Foster, Patrick Hartin, Wesley Wachob) being presented this weekend at SBL in New Orleans.

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