Eight James Articles in Catholic Epistles & Apostolic Tradition

NiebuhrWallI just got my new copy of The Catholic Epistles & Apostolic Tradition, a volume edited by Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr and Robert Wall that has come out of the SNTS Seminar on the Catholic Epistles in 2001-2006.

I’m pleased to see that it is dedicated to Professor Dr. Donald J. Verseput (1952-2004), the most prolific contributor of journal articles on James in the first few years of the new millennium. There is no doubt that his writings have had some significant influence on the New Perspective on James that we are now enjoying.

Of the 16 articles in the volume, I’m thrilled to see that 8 of them focus on James.

The dates in the following list are only found on the Contents page for this book on the Baylor University Press website. However, many of the titles in the book are slightly different than the titles found there. I’m guessing that means these are revised editions of articles originally delivered at SNTS meetings. If so, the dates below simply point us to the original papers.

One article that appeared on the Baylor page but is not found in the book…

C. C. Newman, “The Theology of the Apostles: The Convictional World Beneath the Catholic Epistles” (2003)

Here are the contents…

Part I
1. Robert W. Wall and Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, “The SNTS Seminar on the Catholic Epistles”

Part II
Catholic Epistles as a Collection
2. Robert W. Wall, “A Unifying Theology of the Catholic Epistles: A Canonical Approach” (2003)

Part III
3. Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, “James in the Minds of the Recipients: A Letter from Jerusalem” (2004)
4. Patrick Hartin, “James and the Jesus Tradition: Some Theological Reflections and Implications” (2001)
5. John S. Kloppenborg, “The Reception of the Jesus Tradition in James” (2003)
6. Matthias Konradt, “The Historical Context of the Letter of James in Light of its Traditio-Historical Relations with First Peter” (2001)
7. Robert W. Wall, “Acts and James” (2002)
8. Robert W. Wall, “The Priority of James” (2004)
9. John Painter, “James as the First Catholic Epistle” (2006)
10. David R. Nienhuis, “The Letter of James as a Canon-Conscious Pseudepigraph” (2006)

Part IV
Petrine Epistles
11. Reinhard Feldmeier, “Salvation and Anthropology in First Peter” (2001)
12. Lutz Doering, “First Peter as Early Christian Diaspora Letter” (2003)

Part V
Johannine Epistles
13. John Painter, “The Johannine Epistles as Catholic Epistles” (2002)

Part VI
14. Jörg Frey, “The Epistle of Jude between Judaism and Hellenism” (2002)
15. Scott Hafemann, “Salvation in Jude 5 and the Argument of 2 Peter 1:3-11” (2005)

Part VII
16. Ernst Baasland, “A Prolegomenon to a History of the ‘Postapostolic Era’ (Early Christianity 70-150 CE)” (2005)

2 Responses to “Eight James Articles in Catholic Epistles & Apostolic Tradition”

  1. Jim Darlack Says:

    In case you didn’t know it, a revision Dean Deppe’s dissertation on the “Sayings of Jesus in the Epistle of James” is available online. I’ve posted it recently to Old in the New.

  2. bzephyr Says:

    Thanks Jim!

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