Refresher Greek Course

I have completed teaching the first week of a 2-week refresher Greek course. I am team-teaching this intensive review of basic Koine Greek morphology and grammar with one other person. We meet from 8am until noon every day, and the mid-course evaluations were overall very positive. We have 12 participants—all Bible translators, translation trainers, and translation consultants—who have not had formal Greek training for anywhere from 7 years ago to 34 years ago. Although we entered this course with a bit of fear and trepidation, knowing that the participants must have a broad range of experience and ability in Greek, we soon learned that everyone felt rusty and were looking forward to whatever they could get out of the course.
We have mostly been using Bill Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek, and we have been following his “Track 2” for the most part in order to get into verbs sooner. Here is what we covered in the first week…

  • Day 1: Introductions, syllabus, Greek alphabet, 1st & 2nd declension nouns, articles, nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative case
  • Day 2: Prepositions, present indicative forms of εἰμί, adjectives, 1st & 2nd person personal pronouns, introduction to verbs, present active indicative
  • Day 3: Contract verbs, present middle/passive indicative, imperfect indicative
  • Day 4 (only met from 10:30 until noon): 3rd declension nouns
  • Day 5: forms and uses of αὐτός, demonstratives, relative pronouns, first aorist active, introduction to participles, present participles

We had laid out a tentative schedule that would allow us to get through Mounces entire introductory grammar in 2 weeks, but we affirmed that we would slow down if the pace was too quick. At the end of the first week, we are actually 3 chapters ahead of schedule. This may allow us to get into a few more discourse topics and the use of computer tools during this second and last week of the course.

4 Responses to “Refresher Greek Course”

  1. Mike Says:

    wow. two weeks. that’s crazy. I just can’t imagine that…

  2. bzephyr Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for stopping by. It has been pretty crazy, but in a 4-hour class period, we have ended up reviewing at least 3 chapters a day. Occasionally, we have done more than 3 in a day, since we covered the “Introduction to Participles” at the same time that we covered “Present (Continuous) Participles.” We actually only covered 2 new topics yesterday (Imperatives and Subjunctive), and today we did the remaining 2 in the textbook (Infinitives and -μι verbs). So we started looking at some discourse features from Levinsohn today and we have all day tomorrow to do whatever we want. It has really worked out great.

  3. Mike Says:

    That’s cool. I’m impressed. Even with four hours, that’s a lot of material. I hope you enjoyed Levinsohn.

  4. levi Says:

    sounds like a fun time. we did track 2 as well, it works out good most of the time but occasionally mounce forgets that in doing track two you don’t have all the vocab from the skipped lessons.

    as much as i didn’t like mounce at first, i really do think it’s easiest grammar to use.

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