is getting even better!

John Dyer over at is working hard to make his new site even better. He had already…

  • received great support from publishers for using volumes that specifically review and rate commentaries.
  • made a “Best of the Best” page so you can quickly find the two highest ranked commentaries for each Bible book.
  • added the function of pulling in reviews into the site (see blog here).
  • updated the algorithm for scoring commentaries. You can keep up to date with his blog here.

Even better than all of this is the fact that he has started to add monographs! He hasn’t blogged about it yet–probably because this latest feature is so limited at this point–but he has begun to add “Special Studies” for Bible books. You can see what he has already done for the Letter of James at

It will also take a lot of work (and probably a bit of help), but John has also told me that he wants to eventually include

  • PhD dissertations
  • M.A. theses
  • journal articles

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