We Need Bible Translation Work

Today, someone found my blog by searching the web for this combination of terms…

“we need Bible translation work”

Well, whoever you are, I’d have to say I agree. In the Sepik region alone of Papua New Guinea–where I work–there are 181 languages, but only 18 with adequate Scripture. There are 38 active translation projects, 15 language groups awaiting personnel, and 98 that still need just to be surveyed to determine language viability and translation need.

Worldwide, there are over 600 languages that are waiting for personnel to begin Bible translation. But an additional 2668 languages still need assessment to determine the translation need.

So yes, we need Bible translation work.

3 Responses to “We Need Bible Translation Work”

  1. Jim Darlack Says:

    We don’t need new Bible translations, we need yet another English study Bible targeting the unreached people group unexploited market of white affluent Americans who part their hair to the left on Sundays and to the right on Mondays. (Sarcastically grins.)

  2. Jim Darlack Says:

    Sorry, I forgot the ” / ” between ‘unreached people group’ and ‘unexploited market’ – I originally meant to “strike through” ‘unreached people group.

  3. bzephyr Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Yes, and what about the one-minute study Bible for those who only have a minute of their morning to spend in God’s word because they spend a good deal more than that fixing their hair. But then we’d also need another one for those who spend the same amount of time trying to make it look like they didn’t spend any time on their hair.

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