Lockett’s 2008 Works on James Available

Darian Lockett (Assistant Professor of New Testament at Biola University) has two publications expected to come out in 2008 that are now available.

In the Recent James Scholarship page, the following publication has been moved from “Forthcoming in 2008” to “2008.” It was published May 20…

Lockett, Darian R. 2008. Purity and Worldview in the Epistle of James. The Library of New Testament Studies. London: T & T Clark.

From the publisher: “Arguing against restricting the meaning of purity language to the individual moral sphere (as many commentaries do), the central argument of Purity and Worldview in the Epistle of James is that purity language both articulates and constructs the worldview in James’s epistle. Lockett offers a taxonomy of purity language, applied as a heuristic guide to understand the function of purity and pollution in the epistle. Through this analysis the study concludes that James is not calling for sectarian separation, but rather demonstrates a degree of cultural accommodation while calling forth specific socio-cultural boundaries between the readers and the world.”

The following title is expected to be published July 12, but the Search Inside feature is already available with the Amazon Online Reader…

Lockett, Darian R. Forthcoming in 2008. “God and ‘the World’: Cosmology and Theology in the Letter of James.” In Cosmology and New Testament Theology, eds. Jonathan T. Pennington and Sean M. McDonough. London: T&T Clark.

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