How to WordPress via Email – Flickr

wordpress-logo.pngOkay, I promised I’d post the instructions. They’re probably available somewhere else, but I didn’t find them. does not support posting via email. This is an absolute must for me since I spend long periods of time away from the internet world, and  because when I’m back in that world, it is often costly and super slow to connect. Such is life here in Papua New Guinea.

flickr-loves-you-zoomed.jpgSo here is a work-around solution to blogging by email with WordPress. It’s a good thing Flickr loves you. WordPress via email by sending a photo to Flickr. You can set it to automatically post to your blog. The photo can be tiny (like an avatar), but this won’t work if you don’t include a photo. The email subject will be the blog post title, the message will be the body of the post, and you can also include tags.

An old version of these instructions are found within the WordPress FAQs here, but evidently some things are different at Flickr since this FAQ was made 21 months ago. So here’s what you do…

  1. Go to and click CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT, or SIGN IN if you already have an account
  2. In order to do #1, locate your Yahoo ID that you haven’t used for such a long time
  3. Sign In to
  4. Expand the You drop down menu and go to Your Account (if this is your first time using this Flickr account, you may need to follow the link to upload your first picture before the “Your Account” menu is visible)
  5. In the Personal Information tab, click edit to the right of “Your screen name” if you don’t want to use your Yahoo ID as your screen name
  6. Select the Privacy & Permissions tab
  7. Click editto change any of the default options here for who can download, print, blog your photos, etc. (See #34 below for setting privacy settings for individual photos that you email to your blog posts)
  8. Select the Extend Flickr tab
  9. Click Configure your Flickr-to-blog settings to the right of “Your blogs”
  10. Click Set up your blog
  11. Expand the dropdown menu, select WordPress blog, and click Next
  12. Enter the API Endpoint:
  13. Enter your Username (login name) and Password and click Next
  14. Confirm your account settings and click All DONE
  15. Click create a custom posting template
  16. Click on any one of the templates (it doesn’t matter which one, because they all have garbage code)
  17. Click CUSTOMIZE (even if you’re not familiar with HTML/CSS)
  18. Delete the existing code
  19. For a tiny photo (100 px) aligned to the right of your blog post, copy and paste the following CSS code into the box:   
    <div style=”float: right; margin-left: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px;”><a href=”{photo_url}” mce_href=”{photo_url}” title=”photo sharing”><img src=”{photo_src_t}” mce_src=”{photo_src_t}” alt=”” style=”border: solid 2px #000000;” /></a>
    <br clear=”all” />
  20. For other photo sizes and alignment options…
    • To align the photo on the left, change   “float: right;   to   “float: left;
    • For a medium-sized photo (240px), change the   _t   to an   _m   in the two places where   {photo_src_t}   occurs
    • For a large-sized photo (500px), delete the   ‘_t’   in these two places so that it looks like this:   {photo_src}
      and change   “float: right;   to   “margin-right: 15px;   ( or delete “float: right; margin-left: 15px;  )
  21. Click PREVIEW
  23. If you want to send a test post to your blog, click TEST POST and click OK.  You can delete the post within your WordPress blog after it posts (or, you don’t have to send a test post).
  24. Now it gets a little tricky if you don’t have these instructions… Under “Did you know?” (you should be at this page:, click the link in the question: “You can upload your photos straight to your blog via email too?”
  25. Take note of the email address generated for you under “Email your photos to this address”
  26. If you’d like to generate a different email address to use, click RESET under “Refresh your address?”
  27. Under “Upload to Blog?” click here in the sentence: “You can set up a special email address to automatically post photos to your blog here.”
  28. If you have set up more than one blog on Flickr, select the blog in the dropdown menu that you want to use for this Flickr account. You can also add a different blog from this page by clicking set up another blog to use here
  29. Select the photo size you want to display on your blog. I’m not sure how this setting interacts with the layout settings that you have already configured, but I suspect that the layout settings will take precedence if the setting here is for a larger picture.
  30. Under “Shall we post the body of the email as your blog post for you as well?” you will probably want to select Yes please. (I don’t know why you would put anything in the body of the email if you didn’t want this to happen.)
  31. Click Save
  32. Take note of the email address that you will use to “upload photos to your blog” (read: post to your blog). It will be the same email that you noted in step #25 (above) but with “2blog” added just before the @ sign.
  33. To learn how to use tags when sending posts by email through Flickr, click on use a special code under “Descriptions and Tags”
    • The first part of your email subject heading will be the blog post title
    • You can include tags after the title like this… SUBJECT: This is my Blog Title tags: instructions blogging
    • You can also include tags in the email message as long as “tags:” begins a new line
  34. To learn how to set privacy settings for emailed photos, click use these instructions under “Photo Privacy” Basically, if your Flickr upload email is, then you could use (apparently this doesn’t work for the “2blog” email addresses): – Visible to friends – Visible to family – Visible to friends and family – Only visible to you – Visible to everyone

  35. Click Your Account
  36. Select the Email tab
  37. Click edit to the right of “Your contact email” to add/delete any email addresses and set the primary address (you don’t have to use an address associated with your Yahoo account)
  38. Send an email (including a photo) to your Flickr blog upload email address and check your blog to make sure it works.

If you have corrections or improvements on these instructions, please comment.

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