Email Not Flickr-ing WordPress

jamesless.jpgI’m about to have a nervous breakdown.

My original test message that I sent from Flickr to this WordPress blog worked fine and I deleted it. Then my test message from my own email client with a picture also worked fine. That was two  posts ago with the BIG picture of my little dog.

After that, I tried to post again via Flickr with a smaller picture, but for the past several hours I cannot get it to work again. Flickr had some major problems over the weekend that were supposedly resolved, but I see people are still posting lots of problems to their help forum. So maybe this the root of my problem as well.

I finally tested the option to ‘Blog This’ straight from the Flickr website and that worked, sort of (see my last post).

I include here the picture that you’ll hopefully see over and over again after Thursday when I have to start posting by email for a few months. It’s cropped from an El Greco portrait of James the Lesser, who is sometimes understood as James, the Lord’s brother, and the author of the Letter of James.

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