January is Biblical Studies Academic Writing Month

Chris Brady over at Targuman.org has declared January as Biblical Studies Academic Writing Month here. He suggests, “If you have a blog, please post at least the title or description of the project you intend to tackle this month.” Chris also compiled the Biblical Studies Carnival XXV here, and he is the featured biblioblogger at Biblioblogs.com here. In the interview, I learned that he and I have something in common: an M.A. in Destiny at 3 weeksBiblical & Theological Studies from Wheaton College Graduate School.

These bibliobloggers have arisen to the occassion…Destiny at 3 weeks
So here are my academic writing progects this month…
  1. Gather together and publish on this site my work-in-progress comprehensive bibliography on the Letter of James
  2. Organize ideas for a paper on doing academic research from remote areas of the world (like Papua New Guinea)
  3. Make a serious effort to finish an M.A. thesis from the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics with this preliminary title…

“Mitigated Persuasive Discourse in a Koine Greek Letter:
Coherent Macrostructure in the Letter of James”

This third project certainly won’t be completed in January (I’ve got too much I have to cut out), but that’s what I’m continuing to work on this month.

Regarding the latest distractions to my writing projects, we are getting another puppy this weekend. Thus, the picture. She is (on the right) with her only sister (left) three weeks ago at 3 weeks old. Up until today we have been calling her Maya (her present owners named most of the six puppies after American indian tribes). But after many suggestions which we couldn’t agree on (like Sunny, Princess, Jenny, and Buduba–thanks to our 6 year old), we finally all agreed on the name Destiny. This happened during our family worship time after we sang “Breathe.” So we’ll soon have two dogs–Dudley and Destiny. I don’t know what Dudley means, but I’d like to think that our two dogs sum up the Christian life. Even though we are nothing but duds in our own power–we are basically dudl(e)y–our destiny has been determined by the Lord.


4 Responses to “January is Biblical Studies Academic Writing Month”

  1. Mike Aubrey Says:

    I just found your blog through David Ker/Lingamish. I like what I see. I’m actually working my linguistics certificate at GIAL right now, though it will be a bit longer before my wife and I will be heading toward the field. I’ve added you to my google reader and looking forward to enjoying another Greek blog.

    I hope to soon do an M.A. Thesis on Ephesians.

  2. bzephyr Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for stopping by. I actually saw your post a few days ago that mentioned your prayer letter and saw that you and your wife are at GIAL now. Have fun there! By the way, I like your blog.

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